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Home Charge Points

Get your price for the smallest smart home charger in the UK...

What the future has been waiting for.. Simple, cost effective compact home car charging

Sync EV are a leading manufacturer of domestic electric vehicle chargers across the UK. Our Home Car charger is reliable, stylish, very competitively priced and covered by our 3 year manufacturer warranty.

As the majority of the charging of your car will likely be at home it is essential that you choose a company like ours who have the necessary experience and knowledge to carry out a safe and efficient installation.

The UK’s favourite home charger

• Smallest smart charger in the world
• Charge current variable
• 3G as optional extra, with wifi and ethernet as standard
• RFID as standard
• Dynamic load management
• Scheduled start times
• Smart grid enabled
• Smart App
• Type A RCD
• 6ma Dc protection
• PEN fault protection as standard

EV Data Sheet

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What to expect with a SYNC EV home charging point installation

Government funded grants can provide 75% towards the cost of your electric vehicle home charging point up to a maximum of £350 – leaving just a small contribution from you.

Our expert Partners will provide you with full support when filling out the forms and expert guidance about what you can claim for.

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Small, discreet and packed full of tech.


Untethered cable, meaning it will be compatible with your current car and any future cars.


Compatible with all makes and models, future proofing your installation

Product Images

Select your new charger type

Home Charger

3.6KW Charger
Socketed and Tethered - 5m
1 x 20A MCB
Up to 2 hours fitting time
Hand over and App training

£789.99 Installed Enquire Now

Home Charger

7.4KW Charger
Socketed and Tethered - 5m
1 x 40A MCB
Up to 2 hours fitting time
Hand over and App training

£939.00 Installed Enquire Now

Workplace Charger

20 Meters of cable
1 x 40A MCB
Up to 6 hours fitting time
Hand over and software training

From £799.00 Enquire Now

Compatible with all plug-in Electric Vehicles Manufacturers